We believe that creating a strong on-going relationship with the communities we have partnerships with is important. It takes time and effort to build those relationships. In order to achieve these relationships, we will not only be bringing referrals to these communities, but also we do the following:

EDUCATION: We bring pre-approved speakers into your building that will help educate residents and their families on pre-approved topics.

ENDORSEMENT: We act as a marketing resource in your area by including your business in our coversations with our clients and at our speaking opportunities. We will get to know your place of business as well as your marketing team by investing time with your team. We will educate ourselves in order to adequately represent your business.

ENTERTAINMENT: We will be bring parties and games to your residents, as well as sponsor entertainment throughout the year. We will also support your pre-scheduled events.

EXERCISE: We will bring various forms of exercise, both physical and mental, to your building.

We will also be scheduling and accompanying our clients for tours of your community. We view this as a true partnership based on mutual support. We provide continuous updates to our partners.

If you'd like to apply to become one of our partners, please fill out the form below. Someone will contact you shortly.

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Building Strong Relationships With Our Partner Communities

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