​​​​​​​  Residential Care Home

Residential Care Homes are an often overlooked option for Seniors. These are smaller communities and are often located in residential neighborhoods. Residential Care Homes are also known as adult family home, board and care homes, personal care homes, adult foster care homes, or residential care communities.


Residential Care homes can be significantly more affordable than other Senior housing options, depending on the level of care needed. They also offer other noteable advantages.

Smaller Size

These homes tend to be smaller than other communities. They are able to customize the level of care to the resident's needs. Since they generally house fewer residents, this can be a good solution for a Senior who is overwhelmed by the size of larger Assisted Living facilities.

Wide Variety of Services

These facilities provide meals, lodging, and assistance with daily living (medications, bathing, grooming, dressing, mobility).

Staff to Resident Ratio

The biggest advantage of Residential Care Homes is their low staff to resident ratio. The average staff to resident ratio in a community such as this is one staff member to four residents. In contrast, larger Assisted Living communities average one staff member to nine residents.

Home-like Setting

These facilities are designed to look and feel more like a private home. This warm, welcoming atmosphere may be more comfortable to many Seniors.


Residential Care Home Costs rates range from $3000-$6000 per month based upon apartment choice and assistance needed.​​​​​​​

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​​​​​​​  Independent Living

Independent Living is for seniors who are able to live on their own in an apartment or house, but who want the conveniences of living within a community that provides services and amenities such as housekeeping, social activities, workout area, pool, dining, transportation, security, or the option of assistance with daily tasks or medical that are outsourced.


There is a broad range of variances in Independent Senior Living Communities. Most are apartment building models where you enter through a main door then utilize stairs or an elevator to get to your apartment. Some have Managers that live on site while others only have Managers present during the normal workday. Some provide meals that are included in your monthly rent while others charge extra and yet others do not offer meals as an option at all. Some provide transportation and others do not.

These variances are another reason it is helpful to connect with Kristi's Senior Solutions because we know the buildings and what they individually offer so that you do not run all over town trying to find the right fit for your situation.

Maintain Independence Safely

This option allows the Senior to maintain their autonomy and prolong the move to a senior living community. This gives the Senior the option to "age with choice" or continue to live at home as long as possible.


Isolation is a risk factor for a number of health problems. In-home companions can be hired to take Seniors on outings, play games, engage in hobbies, and other recreational activities that suit the needs of the Senior and their interests.

Personal Care

Often in senior living communities you are required to pay for a bundle of services whether they are needed or not. Independent living allows you to personalize and pay for only the services that are needed. This can save money and make this an affordable option for families.


Rental Community

  • ›Set monthly fee for both an apartment and a specific set of services that can range from $1700-$5500 per month on average.
  • ›Typically a lease or month to month occupancy agreement.
  • ›The fee normally includes most utilities, a certain number of meals, transportation, entertainment, activities and special events.
  • ›Extra services may be available for an additional charge.

Buy-in Community

  • ›Most Buy-In communities offer similar services and amenities as rental communities.
  • ››Buy-in entry fees can range from $50,000 up to $500,000 with a monthly fee ranging from $3000-$7500 per month.
  • ››Communities have a specific refund policy which typically refunds anywhere from 75-95% of the entry fee when the apartment/home releases.
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​​​​​​​  Memory Care

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Seniors living with varying stages of dementia require special care. There are three types of dementia care options available to families. They are in-home care, Dementia Care Assisted Living, and Dementia Care in a Nursing Home. In-Home Care is the best option if the Senior is in the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease (AD). Dementia Care Assisted Living is often referred to as Memory Care. The Senior receives the traditional Assisted Living Care with additional staff that specializes in the care of adults with AD. Safety is a priority and a variety of technologies are used to detect and prevent the resident from wandering. The third type of placement is a Nursing Home with a dedicated dementia program. These residents are often in the late stages of AD and have advanced medical concerns.


There are many benefits of finding the right Memory Care community for the Senior with AD.

Safety & Security

Often times families can't be present 24/7 to ensure the safety of a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease. In these cases Memory Care communities are available to monitor residents. The features main feature of these facilities are their systems in place to prevent and detect wandering.

Specialty Caregivers

Most of these communities have advanced training for staff members. They specialize in dementia-specific topics such as coping with Sundowner's Syndrome, preventing and safely managing wandering, and non-verbal communication skills.

Enrichment Programs

The many enrichment activities at Memory Care communities are designed to support the Senior's remaining independence and abilities. Memory Care staff often utilize reminiscence therapy, animal therapy, art and music therapy, and more to create engaging experiences for the residents.

Nutrition Programs

Mealtime can become difficult as AD advances. The caregivers at Memory Care communities understand the challenges that can arise. They are trained to adapt mealtime practices to suit the needs of the resident. Such practices include:

  • Offer flavorful and nutritious meal options
  • Accommodate individual preferences and routines to offer a sense of comfort and control
  • Offer choices (with appropriate limits) that include favorite foods
  • Provide small, frequent meals
  • Use texture modification, including puréed foods and finger foods
  • Use fortified foods and nutrition supplements when needed
  • Promote self-feeding, with visually contrasting dishes and adaptive equipment
  • Create a calm dining environment by limiting visual and auditory distractions
  • Offer appropriate social interaction between the residents and caregivers
  • Offer personal assistance, when needed


Rates range from $4000-$10,000 per month based upon apartment choice and assistance needed.

​​​​​​​ Assisted Living

​​​​​​​Assisted Living facilities are one of the most popular choices for older adult living arrangements. Assisted Living communities offer Seniors the privacy they desire through private and semi-private rooms or apartments with the medical assistance they need close by.


If you or your loved one needs the feel of independence with the peace of mind of knowing help is near, then Assisted Living may be the right solution.


Every Assisted Living Community we work with has amenities and features designed to keep you safe. The apartments and suites are equipped with handrails, grab bars, fire suppression systems, medication management, and emergency call systems.

Personal Care & Support

Assisted Living communities have round the clock staff that are dedicated to keeping you or your loved one safe and secure. The staff will help with all your needs, day or night. Even if bathroom assistance is needed in the middle of the night, support is nearby.

Socialization & Enrichment

Isolation is a risk factor in older adults that can contribute to a variety of health issues.  That's why we recommend communities that provide a wide assortment of socialization and enrichment activities. Sometimes these activities will be brought to you by Kristi's Senior Solutions. Placement is not the end of your relationship with us. To read more about how we support our partner communities, click HERE.


When seniors no longer feel safe to drive or lose the ability to operate a motor vehicle, arranging transportation can be difficult for families. Most Assisted Living communities offer some form of transportation services. Transportation to doctor's appointments or even the mall or other social engagements should not feel like a burden to anyone.


Rates range from $3000 - $7000 per month based upon apartment choice and assistance needed

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