What Sets Us Apart?

We are Family Advocates, not Lead Generation Specialists

Not only do we find communities that meet your needs, but we also arrange for the tour of the community and accompany you on your visit! We are there to make sure all of your questions are answered so you can make an informed decision for you or your loved one. We are your partner in every step of the process.

​​​​​​​ We Accompany You

Member of NPRA | A National Alliance of Placement Agents and Care Providers Aligned to Protect the Best Interests of Older Adults.

​​​​​​​ Members of NPRA

We provide all of our services at NO COST to the families.

​​​​​​​ No Cost To Families

​​​​​​​ We Never Sell Your Information

At Kristi's Senior Solutions, you are never treated like a "lead". We will never send your personal information out to communities that then inundate you with calls, texts, and emails lobbying you to visit, but may or may not be a good fit. We provide personal, one-on-one consultations for all of our clients. Your information is safe with us!

​​​​​​​ We Treat You Like An Individual

Finding the right placement for your needs is of the utmost importance to us. We then go through a painstakingly careful process to pair you with the right communities that have the amenities you're looking for. We are "family advocates" that are local and each of our Community Liaisons has personal knowledge of the Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Residential Care Homes and Communities in your area. We can help narrow your search down to 3 or 4 options that suit your needs.

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Over 90% of our clients choose the very first community we visit BECAUSE we really LISTEN to our clients desires and limitations. We truly KNOW the Independent Senior Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Residential Care Homes in our respective territories.

What We Do

Finding the correct housing placement  for you or your loved one is critical to their long-term happiness. We can help.

North Texas, Wichita Falls, and Northwest Arkansas are home to hundreds of Senior Living communities, so finding the right location for you or a loved one can be challenging. Kristi Vance, Founder & CEO of Kristi's Senior Solutions, and her team of dedicated Community Liaisons can provide you with guided tours in your preferred areas. We will ensure you are matched with high quality communities that have the amenities you desire and the clinical care you need all within your budget. Kristi's Senior Solutions' personal service comes at no cost to you or your family.

We can assist you with finding the following communities in your area:

     Independent Living

     Assisted Living

     Memory Care

     Residential Care Home


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Making Life Easier for Social Workers, Discharge Planners, Case Managers, and Other Referral Sources.

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Do you have a client that needs our help?

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We understand that you do not have the time to get out in the field and personally tour these different communities where your patients will relocate to. That is what we do for you. You no longer have to make multiple calls checking availability, looking for that perfect fit for your patients' location, budget, clinical needs and level of social activity desired. We meet in person with you, your patient, and their family members to discuss how to move forward. Please contact the community liaison in your area.

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Family Advocates That Provide Passionate, Personal Assistance